People who want kids, why? What would you gain?

I do not want children myself, but I can completely understand why people do. There must be no feeling like it, having a child of your very own that is yours to care for, mould and shape. That child is a beautiful, perfect being that you get to watch grow up, speak, walk, do everything and all milestones for the first time. I fully understand the joy and the amazement of having your own child and watching him/her grow.

I'm happy watching my friends and cousins raising their children and their joy is good to me, it makes me feel warm inside just witnessing that love. It's absolutely wonderful.

For some reason I cannot explain, I do not want a child of my own. Ever. I've felt this way since teenagehood and I'm 32 now, so I guess that's sealed for me. But it doesn't mean I don't want it for others, as I understand why it's something most people want. If you want a child and if you're willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to give your child a loving, wonderful childhood, then absolutely do it. Bring more good into the world.

Basically I'm in camp B (not wanting kids), but I totally understand camp A (do want kids) and it's why I've never joined up with the childfree communities. I don't hate kids, or people who have them. It's just a personal choice for me not to have my own, that's all.

I'll settle for watching the children of my family and friends grow. I'll take great joy out of being that crazy aunt from the North who visits every so often, haha.

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