People who have lived in extreme poverty, what is something people who haven't experienced it will never understand?

I never lived in extreme poverty, we always had food and clothes and a roof over our heads, but as farmers our income was dependent on the land. During a good year things would be fine but during times of drought or diseased stock things would get really tough.

As such, we never had much money to spend on non essentials.

At Christmas time Santa would bring all the other kids in the area awesome toys - electric cars or transformers or lego.

My sister and I would get a book and some stickers from Santa, perhaps a chocolate bar too, and that was it. One excellent year I got my very own VHS tape and I must have watched that thing a thousand times.

People who grow up with money won't understand what it feels like to believe that Santa doesn't like you as much as he likes all the other kids you know.

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