People who met their online girlfriend/boyfriend, what's your story?

Not me but am good friends with a couple who met online and who have now been married for about 7 or so years. It started out fine since they were both young and in their 20s, honeymoon period with few responsibilities. But now they're into their 30s and the big decisions that come in that part of your life (buying a house, having kids) are starting to produce cracks in their relationship. He is a big kid, doesn't want to grow up, doesn't want kids, is stuck in a low-pay job he'll probably never improve on. She's ambitious, focussed, doing alright financially so she pays most of the bills, wants big things for herself, wants kids. He'd rather sit around on weekends eating and playing vidya and gaining weight. She's starting to really take care of herself and would rather go out and socialise with friends who are going places. (Nothing wrong with vidya but that's all he does with his life now). She's getting resentful towards him for holding her back. He gets sensitive and defensive every time she brings up difficult topics he'd rather not discuss.

Holding thumbs that they work it out but I can't see it happening.

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