People who moved out of the parent’s house before 30, how?

Went back home after Uni, saved a little, was gifted a bit from grandparents, bought a tiny house with my partner, got one of the 5% first time buyer mortgages and we lived in the shoebox for 6 years, ended up managing to squeeze in a dog, a baby and in the last year there the mother in law too. We sold it just after lockdown when house prices suddenly shot up so we made our money back plus more. It was VERY LUCKY timing for everything tbh. I couldn't swing a cat for 6 years but it got us on the ladder. Then all the enquity we'd gained went straight down as deposit & fees for this second house. Its still smaller than my 'dream home' but i could definitely swing a cat now, and we added another kid so we needed another room.

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