People who moved to the USA. Was it as much of a upgrade compared to your country, as you expected?

Moved from the UK to the US almost 10 years ago.

Came for college and really enjoyed the school system. I disliked the English school system where homework meant nothing. I was so much more engaged in the US as every piece of work I did counted for something. However, I didn’t feel very safe due to the area, and was debating moving home.

Ended up moving to New England after college and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. I went to a college in the south and I now know that the south absolutely isn’t for me. I always wanted to live in London or New York, but the small town in New England where I ended up in is exactly where I want to be. I feel much safer here than I did during my college years- for instance, the last burglary in the area was almost 10 years ago! I don’t think I’d be earning as much in the UK as I do here either. But as others have said, America is about the haves and have-nots and I’m very fortunate to be a have.

Hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. I was fired completely out of the blue from my first job out of college (which would never happen back in the UK) and found it tough to make ends meet for the better part of a year. I’ve also never been to the Dr’s or hospital here in the US (touch wood I’m a generally healthy person and didn’t go much in the UK either), but I’d be anxious of the final bill.

Overall I wouldn’t want to move back, but I seem to be one of the few in this thread.

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