People who have moved to be with their S.O. -- did you find it emotionally difficult to move? (Please help)

Cat sisters?!?! That is so adorable and sad I think I'm going to cry.

"I feel like I am going through a grieving process, and that of course is amplified by the fact that my partner can't be here with me to help me pack and make preparations for the move. I suffer from anxiety and depression as it is, so the stress is triggering those things big-time." >>> I feel like above all these are the reasons weighing you down OP. I have depression as well. I see you're trying to rationalize your emotions which is super awesome. Keep doing that and making yourself aware every time you get upset. Depression tries to convince you of crazy-making, so it helps to ground yourself in reality with facts and truths.

You know you have valid reasons to feel this way, it's a giant life change.

I'm kind of in the beginning stages of this, although I think I mourned a while ago before i even knew i was leaving. I knew it'd have to happen some day.

i got caught off guard. All of a sudden, I found out I can't continue paying for school. Going home with my parents is not an option for me due to the personal issues/circumstances. My boyfriend is in the military and then going home for his master's so the distance couldn't be closed on his part for at least 5 years. I'm still finishing up the semester, and have to break the news to my parents that I don't wish to come home for a bit (I have more stability and financial opportunity where he's at, instead of expensive New York).

It doesn't really feel like it's going to happen so maybe i'm in denial. But even earlier on in the relationship i knew i was going to have to be the one to leave my home, my state, my city, my friends, my family and everything i ever knew behind. For better or worse. And indefinitely.

Like you i know this is a better/good decision. But there's the sentimentality, and even the slight fear, and guilt accompanied with uprooting.

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