People who need to vent and don't want to bother their friends and family, what's wrong?

I think I depressed people enough with my original comment, but due to my boyfriend working 60 hours a week and me being preoccupied with our daughter's treatment and our other 2 kids that we let someone we thought we could trust run the campaign without even thinking about obvious things like log in information. We got grifted. Filed a claim with GFM, realized we couldn't directly prove she stole from our kid because the pictures were of my kid with other kids - like her birthday before she got sick, her and her preschool classmates, etc. So none of her alone. She only used her first name. She was the organizer. We were too trusting, too unfamiliar with the whole set up. It was a mess.

If you do it yourself you should be fine. That whole situation just made me very wary of "help".

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