People who no longer speak to their best friends who they thought would be in their lives forever, why did you stop talking/being best friends?

Tl:Dr; 6 close friends and only one left. Don't lend friends money.

One owed me 7k£ and vanished after 10 years of close friendship. Accused of robbing his retail store after I really helped him out for year solid when he went banko.

One owed me 1k£ and started ghosting me after 15 years of knowing him. That was over 14 months ago.

One got addicted to spice and after 15 yrs of friendship won't talk to me, I've tried to reach out loads a times to no avail. Not seen him for 3 yrs.

One wanted to work for me and instead and instead of the usual 20% commission he demanded 30%, which I just couldn't do, he hadn't even started. I haven't seen him since. 11 year friendship, holidays and lived with him for 6 months.

One accused me of greasing up his wife, I was just being a nice human to her (he treated her like shit) he's since tried to contact me, but seems to just think he can glaze over the fact he don't trust me, and won't apologize. That's after being great friends for 8 yrs.

Another borrowed 10k£ still not paid me back after 4 years. Was in secondary school with him and know him 20 yrs. He's a lazy piece of shit. Money's long gone and he's back living with his mom. Found out he owes 50k to assorted family members and me! Fuck!

Life sucks without friends! Don't borrow friends money!

Please don't try to catfish me I have no money left to lend!

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