People who quit their jobs on the first day, what was your “I’m outta here” moment?

I didn’t quit on my first day but I did tell the dentist I was nursing for to shove his job up his arse. He used to run late all the time and show the patient in without me have time to clean up all the dirty instruments and (sometimes) blood. Then used to tell me I was terrible and he was very disappointed in me. The last straw was when he lost some moulds for a patient and had a go at me saying I lost them at which point he asked “are you not ashamed of yourself?”. Felt so good to walk out of there. Funny thing was I left the previous dental nursing job because I was working for a psycho there too. Treated me like an idiot skivvy, would leave the tops loose on needles so I’d stab myself and then shout at me for it. Going to for blood tests to check if I’d caught anything from them was great because I got time off of work. Absolute nightmare.

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