People who have scars how did you get them?

Well, starting from my feet to my head...

I've got several cut scars on bot ankles. I have also a 2nd degree burn scar on my right ankle (hot metal). I've got twin scars on the left side of both of my knees, one from a large piece of glass bottle and one from a branch. I've recently got another scar from a bike pedal under my right knee. I've got a large scar on my right knee from an unknown source (I just found my knee bleeding).

I've got almost no scars on my torso and back.

I've got some deep cut scars on my left shoulder, along with some fall bruises scars. On my forearm, I've got other cut scars and some 2nd degree burns from liquid plastic. On my left hand, I've to other minors cut scars and three big scars from alcohol burning on my fingers.

On my right arm, I've got other cut and fall scars. Another scar from plastic. A scar from falling on a wooden chest (wood shrapnels everywhere). I've got several burns on the back of my fingers from my scouting past.

Last - but not least - I've got a big scar on my head from being pushed against a wall corner.

If you want to include surgery scars, I've got a large one on my right foot big toe which prevents the nail from sticking to the skin.

I omitted minor scars

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