People who have shit themselves in your adult life, what is your story?

The first time i stayed the night at my then girlfriend's house - i showed up a bit late, she'd already ate dinner and left it out, some sort of seafood situation. Yep. I should also state that I've never had what you'd call an iron constitution, but anyway - i snuck a few cold shrimp out of there and went on with a lovely evening of wine and a romance.

Fast forward to around 4 in the morning, I woke-up with a terrible realization that i was gonna barf, and i had about 30 seconds to get to the bathroom and avoid doing so all over my budding relationship. I quickly snuck out from underneath her arm, slipped on my boxers and found my way up to the bathroom - I knelt down infront of the toilet, lifted the lid, felt my bile rise in my throat, and i leaned into the bowl to evacuate my stomach, i shit myself.

I shit myself, and i shit all over the wall behind me, and the bathroom mat i was kneeling on. Vile, death smelling stuff.

And i kept going - cause i was super sick, eventually i collapsed on the floor, nodding off for a short bit of time. When woke exhausted and delirious, and the full weight of what i'd just done to my brand new girlfriend's pretty bathroom. The sun was just coming up, but i knew i had to somehow salvage the situation - i scooped up everyone, all the clothes, all the shit, and threw it in the shower, grabbed cleaning liquid from under the sink, cleaned every inch of the toilet, the floor, and the wall. Finally i cleaned myself. Standing there zombie eyed, shaking my head back and forth in complete disbelief of what was happening.

Finally everything was clean, even the ungodly smell was gone. I threw my wet clothes in her washing machine, and exhausted, disgusted, and still sick and on the verge of collapse, i wrapped myself in her bathrobe and layed down on her couch to try and rest a bit while my clothes washed. I nodded off.

I woke up 30 minutes later when i realized I'd just shit her bathrobe.

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