People who have shit themselves in your adult life, what is your story?

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I'm probably late to the party but anyways, my story goes as this:

I'm 17 now, technically an adult in UK terms. For all my life I've had numerous health problems, especially severe bowel issues. It has never worked properly since day one and potty training was pretty much useless from the get go. Throughout the years I have been shitting myself and still do to this very day, which is why I wear adult nappies.

My worst experience goes all the way back to January 2008 when I was admitted to the local hospital where I went three weeks taking laxative medicine to help my bowel problems, although it made it so much worse. I was on at least three different kinds of medication at one time, one of which was Movicol mixed with dilute juice that I had to drink jugs and jugs of around the clock.

This crap left me so tired and bloated, all I wanted to do was sleep the day away but at the same time was so self-conscious about the bowel and was constantly feeling horrible cramps in my stomach. Whenever I did sleep (which was a lot) I was usually wakened to get changed by the nurses. I was plastered from my lower-back down in my own shit. It was so bad that I just wanted to tear the skin off my own body because I felt so dirty and violated in it.

The three weeks dragged on for what seemed like a fucking eternity, I was meant to stay longer but got out because of an illness outbreak on the ward I was in... On the condition that once the illness was calmed that I would have to return for a few more weeks of the same shit again. I was 11 at the time, not an adult, but this shit is the centre of my overthinking at night. I was such an innocent, care-free kid up until that time but those weeks having to drink that horrible old Movicol (which very rarely actually did its job but I felt its nauseous side effects very often) and having to take this and that killed every last bit of dignity I had, I was basically treated like a medicinal lab rat.

Everything could have been sorted with a simple operation when I was 4 but I have Congenital Heart Defects, apparently deeming it risky to operate on me. Mind you, I have had between 7-10 operations in my life time, most of them when I was between 1-5 years old so they could have operated on me rightly, they simply have no idea how to treat me and were too scared to even operate on me.

I went in there a care-free, happy-go-lucky 10 year old and came out a depressed, anxious mess and have had severe problems with depression and anxiety within the past couple of years, strangely enough as I begin to be remembering more and more details about that time (which I desperately tried to forget). Oh and that bowel operation? Yeah, I will finally be getting that done sometime within the next couple of years. It was always as simple as that, they just made it complicated.

TL;DR Have severe bowel issues which result in me still wearing nappies and shitting myself. Could have been solved with an operation when I was younger but they were too scared to because of other health complications so they put me through unnecessary shit which only made things worse than better and destroyed my mental state in the process and I'm now waiting to get that bowel operation over and done with.

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