People who have shit themselves in your adult life, what is your story?

I wasn't really an adult but I was 14 the last time I shit myself and I've really been wanting to get this story off my chest. I had just got done cutting weight for the state wrestling tournament and I was given my first Pedia Lite because my friend told me it would make me feel a lot better and get my fluids back up. So i chug the whole thing and then eat an apple drink some Hawaiian Punch and eat a PB&J. I didn't want to eat a whole lot because I knew that night the team was going to an Italian restaurant later that night and I'd get a big meal there. So we end up getting to the restaurant and my stomach isn't feeling so great but screw it. I sit down at the table with about 20 people. There were 14 wrestlers and the rest were parents and coaches. I sit in between some of my friends and the waitress comes and asks us what we want and she tells me she has some lemonade (my favorite drink) so thats what I get. I had chugged 4 large glasses of it before my stomach was a mix between bread sticks and lemonade. I think I need to fart. I don't fart. I shit myself. I sit up wide eyed in my chair. Scared. I lean a little bit to slip my hand under my ass to confirm my suspicions. I pull my hand back and it's soaked. I'm almost in tears. Luckily it doesn't smell. I sit in my shit for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do and then I get up and pull my pants up and my shirt down and wobble to the bathroom to assess the situation.When I get to the bathroom I pull down my pants and there's no turd at all it was all just liquid I sit down on the toilet and piss out my ass for a while and wrap up my soaked underwear and throw them in the trash. My gray sweatpants have a big wet spot on them but theres nothing I can do so I just keep the stain hidden under my shirt until I get back to the hotel that night. It was definitely a bad experience I don't think anyone noticed. But if they did I'm glad that no one said anything because I could've never lived that down.

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