People who have shit themselves in your adult life, what is your story?

whoa... I should make a throwaway but none of my friends will read this anyway.

A few years ago, I got into some health nut phase. I was working out regularly and I got into taking supplements to boost the muscle-building.

After some time, I felt good about taking care of myself, so I figured that I should take care of my other deficits. I am slightly anemic and my extremities (hands, feet, and ear) get really cold easily.

I bought some iron supplements. Instructions stated that I should seek physicians advice. Dismissed it -- fast forward a week, I stopped taking the pills. I haven't used the rest room in a few days and for some strange reason, I loved eating baby carrots; I nearly ate an entire bag of them before the next week. I didn't realize this until a few days later.

I was driving to a friend's house, to hang out with them and I had another friend drive with me. At one point, I am driving on the highway and we are a quarter of the way to my friend's house; my intestines start moving. I paid no mind to this.

We stopped by a coffee shop amd grabbed a drink or two; I got into and began thinking I should have used the toilet before leaving. Getting onto the freeway, I feel my prostate getting pressed up against by my almost stuffed colon. I realize just then, I am seriously packing. I tell my friend that I need to stop someplace cause I really have to go poo...

I tried so hard to keep my mind off the growing surge my colon wanting to release all the excrement. I'm praying my sphincter will just hold a little longer... a little longer... just a little bit more.

We finally get off the freeway and I am five blocks frommy friend's place. I kept getting caught at the red light... One block away and that's where the fun really begins.

The protected left turn signal changed and a few cars pass me up and my sphincter gave up. The avalanche of poo just unleashed into my pants. My reaction went from "oh dear God, nooo!" to "I give up" to "let's get to the closest store and clean up NOW!" - these reactions all came within miliseconds of each other. I turn left as the protected sign turned red and drive into a gas station store. I just sat there, motionless, for a few seconds. Later, I'm told that I sat there for a minute looking out into space. I looked over at my friend and without hesitating, I told them, "Get out!" When asked why I leaned my elbow onto the chair, embarassed over the incident and admitted to crapping my pants.

My mind was racing as I tried to figure out a way to clean myself up. Later I'm told that I left the car in drive; I ran into the store, my sweater tied around my waist to prevent the smell of my poo seeping through my pants... I hurried into the bathroom annnnnd... there's no toilet paper.

I dropped my pants, anyway, to assess the damage on my property. I mentioned earlier that I loved eating carrots? Yea bit and pieces of them all over. The smell reeked and burned my nose hairs, but I got over it quickly; I used a bunch of seat covers to cleans up the mess and pieces that fell to the floor. One dude walked in on me; I forgot to lock the door and noticed all the crap. I think the dude notified the store staff - who were of no help whatsoever, even after knowing of and smelling my predicament. The store manager walked to the restroom, knocked, and asked if there was anything he could do to help. The smell must have hit him as if he'd hit truck of manure; he stopped mid-sentence and walked away.

I eventually cleaned everything up, my friends went to a nearby department store to pick up a pair of boxers.

I will end it there... sorry for the wall of text.


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