People who tell you how you should enjoy your steak are fucking idiots.

I had a friend throughout high school and most of college that liked all of those three items the way you do.

I remember the first time he drank coffee (light cream and sugar, mind you). His reaction was that of a spoiled child eating brussell sprouts; spit it out, icky face, never touched it again, but he enjoys coffee frappes (basically ice cream).

I remember the first time I went out to a steak house with him, I got mine rare. He got his well done because he didn’t like the blood.

I remember the first time he tried a beer. Took the smallest sip possible; icky face, spit it out, hated the taste.

These experiences with him triggered something in me. Ever since I see people who are non-adventurous with food or beverages to have developmental flaws when it comes to straying from comfort.

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