People who took Reddit commenters advice and later regretted it, what's your story?

So I've always had a sexual attraction for my older sister. I never acted on it but I spent a lot of time on the Reddit incest forums, reading and fantasizing until the idea of incest was normalized in my mind. Because of some problems with her house's septic, my sister came to stay with me for a week. I was stupid enough to post on one of the forums about my situation. Of course, everyone was encouraging me to make a move on her including detailed ways to "escalate" intimacy. I had been reading them for so long that their advice seemed sensible and real.

Long story short, I tried to initiate sex with my sister. As any normal person can imagine, she reacted terribly. She went to stay with friends and it took weeks before she would even reply to my texts. This all happened about 4 years ago and we've somewhat talked it through and tried to smooth things over, but I don't think our relationship will ever be the same. Maybe when we're older we'll be able to laugh about it, but right now we force politeness and try not to be too awkward when we have to be around each other.

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