People who took revenge on their bully, what happened?

So... I ended up being the bully in the end, however, this kid was a real grade A passive aggressive cunt.

All year he had been talking mad shit to me about my clothes, my family being poor, me being a “broke white boy.” Etc etc. Anytime I’d talk to the teachers they’d send me to the office for “attempting to start fights” and I’d wind up in detention. These teachers, I found out were church members with the kids family.. When I realized that and told the principal that this was racist bull shit, he didn’t believe me and said I was grasping at straws and any further incidents he wasn’t even going to discuss with me, I was just going to have automatic three day in school detention.

As time went on I became very verbally aggressive and just blatantly threatened to beat the kids ass, in front of teachers and other kids, I really didn’t care, I was going to get detention anyways. This kid LOVED playing the victim, and when we weren’t around teachers or other kids he thought he could impress, his cousins walked with him and threatened to jump me all the time.

Finally I had enough, and shit was stopping.. we exchanged words and he was there with his cousins and girlfriend and decided to push me. I fully believe he expected to push me and have his cousins step in, but they didn’t, I hit him about three times in the face before he smacked me on the forehead, I threw him into a locker and caved it in with his head and body. I had never seen so many teachers run in my life, and the crowd of students were eerily quiet trying to figure out what just happened. In total I had swollen hands, his face was very bloody, nose was busted, and his shoulder hurt, I also had a hand print on my head.

We both thought we were going to jail when the SRO handcuffed us, and in that moment we were thick as thieves, we were going to play it off like it was a game.... and well it sorta worked, we both got suspended for two weeks.


Fast forward three years and into high school, his cousin turned out to be a flaming pretty boy and he still talked shit, just behind my back and made it very hush hush. His sister started picking on my sister (both seniors), and it got pretty ruthless just as his BS did in middle school. This went on for a month or so until I heard about it through the gossip, and I was lit! During senior (our class change) lunch I tracked her down, which wasn’t difficult, as the Cunt family stuck together... my speech wasn’t very aggressive as I was a semi muscular, poor, slim shady looking, red neck kid in a group of like 8 guys and 6 girls, but the crux of it was; “This bullshit you’re pulling with my sister, it’s done” Which was followed up with “ if you think I’m playing, try me, you look like you smack harder than your brother but he will get his ass whooped all the same.”and I made it very obvious that anything she intended to give to my sister, I would give ten fold to her brother. I made mention that if they wanted to jump me that they should just go for it and see where it got them, and asked how long until a bunch of white kids joined in to help the one white kid getting jumped by a bunch of black guys?! (I put to much faith in this postering statement and I would probably just have got steam rolled)

The harassment stopped, but I turned into an immature ass who proceeded to talked shit to this kid well into our senior year.

I was also apart of a lunchroom brawl between his gay cousin and the lead quarterbacks (this guy broke my nose in middle school for talking shit about his mom, we became friends naturally...) gay brother that turned violent, the quarterback was 6’5 in 11th grade.. He ended up throwing the gay cousin across two sets of tables as he pulled him off his brother.

Fun times, but I was an asshole, I realize that.

Bonus: In elementary my father almost got arrested and me expelled for breaking another fathers jaw and nose at a wrestling match. The father had smacked his kid around after he lost to me in finals, all season he had yelled and berated this kid... My father wasn’t at most of the previous matches, just my mom, when our schools met back up it was at finals and of course my dad would be there.

The meet was over I took 1st, and the way it worked out this kid barely missed 4th so he didn’t get a medal.

The father was yelling at his kid as soon as I pinned him and he started balling, my father remarked that “come on guy it’s just a game” and he said something back which wasn’t very aggressive and they walked off, him still yelling at the kid.

My dad was out smoking right by the open door just off the mats as they were getting the scores to announce. They called me as first, etc etc, and the kid started sobbing and dropped to the floor, his dad started cussing and yelling and decided to smack and knee the kid telling him to get up, he stood up and his dad smacked him across the face twice and then a third hard enough to knock him down. He was yelling something about how his sister wrestled better and she had more talent.

It all happened in slow motion :D My father took a drag, flicked his cigarette, started across the mat and yelled “HEY ASSHOLE! I TOLD YOU ONCE!” Which the guy replied “FUCK OFF OR YOUR NEXT” (who the fuck says that to a big swole dude?!?) To which my father replied “GO AHEAD, I HIT BACK.” He threw a hand at my dad, missed and my dad hit him twice which put him on his ass, picked his kid up and took him to his mom.

The dads face was just pure blood and swollen jaw. The kids dad ended up getting arrested as a result of that fight and had prior felonies. The wife or someone pressed charges and from what we heard, the dad was sent to prison for 10 years. My dad didn’t get arrested, but we had to meet with the school board and I was suspended until that happened.

I quit wrestling after that though...

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