People who took revenge on their bully, what happened?

I was an over weight nerdy girl who wore glasses and didn't have very many friends.

The "cool" thing in my school at the time (2003) was to be a gangster or "cholo" which my brother and cousins and all their friends were so no one really messed with me if they knew who my brother and cousins were. Except one guy. His name was Michael & he started picking on me out of absolutely no where. I was walking out of class one day and he grabbed my backpack and yanked me back. Another time while I was sitting at my desk he grabbed the bun in my hair and messed it up. I'm pretty sure he did some other small things I blocked out.

Anyway, one day after school I was riding the city bus with my cousin, her boyfriend & his huge friend. The bus was packed and we were all sitting in the back, my cousin's bf & his friend left an obligatory, "I'm not gay" seat between them and this Michael kid sat down in that seat. As I saw him trying to sandwich his way between them, look at me as if to say, "you're with these guys?", the guys yelled at him in front of everyone on the bus that he needed to stand his ass up. He got up so fast and I laughed in his face. He never harrased me again after that.

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