People who used to not believe in ghosts but do now, what experience changed your mind?

My mother was told several times by several different mediums that she had two children, but I’m an only child. A month or so ago, she brought me to a psychic who referred to another medium to be exorcised. They accused me of being someone who ‘heaven decided to cast out’. I don’t know what triggered my mother to think as such. Maybe I growled at her in a demonic voice when I was sleeping?

She is a doctor, and never believed what these pagan ladies said to her before. But every random one said the same thing. She can’t have any more child either because she removed her ovaries.

The first week they exorcised me (well, they said they can’t get rid of whatever is inside me), my father avoided me, and he wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he really thought I was evil reincarnated. It was hilarious. They would constantly reminded me to douse myself in holy water too.

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