People who’ve been in toxic relationships, what are some red flags your willing to share?

-They constantly contradict themselves with how they see you. One day, you're so wonderful and amazing to them. The next week, you're a horrible person who should die. They say you're an uptight prude and then later say you're the biggest whore. Little inconsistencies like that. -They put you down a lot, and then turn it around saying that they're joking. This can be hard to pinpoint at first, bc some of us don't always want to admit if someone is being blatantly mean to us.

-They project their faults/personality traits on to you. They say you're a cheater, bc they cheat. They call you manipulative, bc they are. They say you're selfish, when they are.

-They try to fix, rescue and change you. They have a savior complex. This is dangerous, bc they will try to make you feel more broken and damaged than you are.

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