People who violently tug at the door of a clearly occupied public bathroom stall, what are you hoping to achieve?

Sort of a related story. I was maybe ten years old and dad and I were on a little rural road trip. We pulled off at this rest area, if you could call it that, which had a single outhouse about fifty yards into the woods. I went out there to take a piss while my dad waited in the car. Someone was in the outhouse so (rather than tug on the handle repeatedly like I guess people do), I walked another maybe 10 yards into the woods to piss behind a tree. That's when I saw my dad coming through the woods toward the outhouse. The outhouse was pretty old and rickety, resting rather precariously on cinder blocks at the corners. So my dad grabs hold of the entire thing and starts shaking it yelling "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE", trying to scare the shit out of me. So there's this long pause, during which my dad catches sight of me standing in the woods, we exchange terrified glances (I feel like I could see him going white), and then we hear this low, angry growl, "I'm takin' a shit." We both took off towards the car at the same time. Never saw the guy come out, but I can imagine he wasn't too impressed.

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