People who violently tug at the door of a clearly occupied public bathroom stall, what are you hoping to achieve?

One time i was in a rough pub with my friend (both f18), and there were 2 stalls. In one of the stalls there were clearly 2 women talking, and in the second stall the door wasn't locked, you could clearly see the lock on the doorframe, and the door was slightly open. So my friend pushed on the door, and it didn't budge. Both of us and another woman in there were really confused, and the woman said to my friend "kick it" so my friend did, as it clearly wasn't locked. 10 seconds later, a girl in a bizarre 50s style dress came out screaming bloody murder, and the woman who'd told my friend to kick the door literally shrugged, pointed at my friend and said "it was her idk what she was thinking". After standing there while this lady bitched, my friend went into the cubicle. The door locked just fine.

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