People who walked in on their SO cheating, what did you do? How did you walk in on them?

This happened about 10 years ago and my ex of 6 years and I were living together in a rented house. I was in the process of looking for a full time job while she finished school. I flew out to another state (where I went to college) to go on job interviews for a month (lived with some friends) and happened to land a great job. I told her the great news and we decided to move. I flew back to pack everything up and drive to our new home and she was going to follow once she was done with school. When I got back I started getting a little skeptical when she would just dissappear for hours on end. I decided to check Facebook and noticed a lot of newer pictures of her and this guy hanging out together. Facebook told me this guy and I had a friend in common (a college buddy of mine) and it looked like he had just moved to the area where we were living. I gave him a call and he gave me the bad news, they had been hooking up over the past month and had been hanging out almost every day. I played it cool and didn't say anything until I knew I had proof. One day I decided to pretend to visit some friends a hour away for the night (secretly staying in town) and periodically would text her to see what was going on. Every so often I would drive by the house to see if anything unusual was happening. I got the usual texts "going to the gym" etc. One text said that she was planning having some wine and watching a movie with her girl friend. At this point it was getting late and I was running out of things to do so I decided to just show up and make up some excuse about not wanting to stay at my friend's place. Well, I walk in the door and the two are naked going at it on my couch. I told him to get the fuck out and surprisingly she left with him. The next day I decided to sell everything in the house (furniture, pots/pans, etc) on Craigslist, and almost everything sold. It was around 1pm the next day when she showed up crying, begging me to not leave her. Needless to say I packed up my car and left for my new job with the $1300 cash I got from selling everything. It turns out that shit sells instantly when you list it for next to nothing on Craigslist. TL:DR Girlfriend of years cheated on me, I set up a scheme to try and catch her, it worked, sold all of our belongings and moved to another state.

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