people who wanna vent what's on your mind? (serious)

I really want to improve my life and I know some of the steps I have to take but I don't know where to start.

I'm 24. I have a really good job but still live with my parents. I'm probably moving out in a year, I'm counting on a housing market crash, but if housing prices are still as high as they are now, I'll overpay just to start my adult life. It's great saving money, and I've built up quite a nest egg since I've lived here rent free for 2 years post college with no student debt, but I joke that nothing's changed since my senior year of high school.

Onto the negatives. I struggle with chronic loneliness, never had a girlfriend and I crave intimacy. Sexual frustration sucks but this is 100x worse. I've pretty much sworn off dating until I get my own place because no girl is gonna want to date a 24 year old still living in his parents house. I feel like I've got a lot to offer but I don't live a life where I get to meet many women. Additionally, my friend groups feel stagnant. I have a few friends I see time to time, and the social interaction is good, but we never do anything really remarkable. We occasionally meet for dinner, then sometimes we hang out at one of their houses and play video games and drink. That's the extent of the friendships. Friends are a good way to meet other people and even prospective partners, but my friends haven't ever really invited me to meet their other friend circles. I wish I had friends that liked travelling, I like travelling and have accrued lots of extra PTO but literally the only vacations I've taken care with my parents, as I have nobody else to go with and I've never done solo travelling. I have no real hobbies at the moment. I work insane hours often, this is gonna be my third 60 hour week in a row, and on top of that I'm studying for the PE exam so eventually I can become a licensed professional engineer. All I do in my free time is play video games or watch TV, I'm not out there doing interesting things. Admittedly when I meet new people I dread the question "what are your hobbies?" Since I'm not out there doing any hobbies, I'm not meeting new people either, which is exacerbating my problems with chronic loneliness and stagnation of friendships.

Onto improvement. I do seriously plan to move out in a year and become independent. I'm trying to get in better shape, my cousin moved out of state and left me a bench press and really nice weight rack for a home gym, I want to get into a routine so I can get in better shape. I want to learn to cook, I'm working on it now. Initially this was just to provide for myself but I hope to someday be able to host dinner parties and prepare extravagant multiple course meals to impress people. I want to become more knowledgeable with music and fashion. I'm an extremely musically illiterate person, I barely know anything about it, but want to learn more since that's a way to relate to people. I have the fashion sense of an NPC, I just wear jeans and polos for my semi formal wear and tshirts and shorts or hoodies and jeans for my casual wear. My clothes fit alright but it's a forgettable look, I want to learn to dress nice and update my wardrobe. Finally, I want to find some hobbies that get me out there. I'm not sure where to start with this. One of my friends recently told me I should join him and his other friends for volleyball sometime, as he plays on a local field and sometimes gets to play with pretty girls. I need a refresher since it's been almost a decade since I played it in gym class, but fingers crossed something comes out of this, even if it's just getting some exercise and interacting with people outside of work for once.

I have some ideas for self improvement but these don't feel like tangible goals. I've tried self improvement in the past but never stick with anything I start, my last two gym stints over the years failed because I'd miss a few days then become discouraged and give up my routine. Additionally, my job is so hectic and unpredictable and occupies a lot of my time, so I would have to drop plans sometimes to push stuff out when there's surprise deadlines, though maybe I'm making excuses here. Anyways, thanks to anyone who read my rant that's gotten way too long.

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