People who have watched 'I, Daniel Blake' how relatable and realisitic is it?

They can eradicate food bank use by paying people what they are entitled to instead of finding reasons not to.

The amount of turmoil our society has to face when they stop someones benefit is ridiculous. We ALL pay. People will get money one way or another legally or illegally and it costs everyone.

How many times I wonder, has someone smashed a car window, causing £500 damage, to rob a few quid off the centre console so they can eat? Metal thefts can cause hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage for 50 quids worth of copper, or the muggings, the burglaries.

People should have the right to some sort of basic payment because without it, the cost ends up bigger. It's as simple as that. The Tories refuse to see it. My advice, if you need money, take it off a fucking Tory until they do.

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