People who have watched someone die in front of them, what's your story?

My two older brothers completely blocked it out. There was a dead guy, who caused it drunk driving. lying in the road. My mom made my dad put one of our blankets over him. She couldn’t handle the men just standing over him. We were on our way home from the drive in movies. There was a guy in shock coming up to our car asking if we had seen his Thunderbird, yeah dude, it’s upside down in the ditch. Seven cars really fucked, several burned. The cops didn’t get there for twenty minutes at least. It was late, it was 1961. So the woman and girls burned. I was disappointed with my Dad couldn’t save them. It was entirely engulfed. I was disappointed in him. Weird. Watched him save a drowning father and son in the surf several years later.

In those days, you saw your dad as Superman.

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