People who wear shoes in the house, why?

I'm currently working from home. Putting shoes on together with "normal" clothes instead of sweatpants has become a ritual to make me start the workday. Idk why but my brain won't get into working mode unless I'm dressed as if I'm driving to the office.
Also as someone who struggles with seasonal depression having shoes on all day prevents me from lying in my bed all the time because: Not wanting to lie in bed with shoes on + Too tired to get my shoes off = Not going to bed. It's also an extra step that I don't need to take when I try to leave the house. And in my down-phases every little thing can feel exhausting. So not having to put my shoes on just makes it mentally easier to leave the house.

Also my wooden floor is just cold as fuck and my flat is so old that I don't have ground-heating so my shoes keep me nice and warm.

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