People who were around before the Internet, what did you initially think about it? How did you get used to it?

My college English professor was the first to tell us about the Internet. Back then, search engines were just being introduced. In fact, he lectured us on how to use Gopher.

To show us the awesomeness of what you could find on the net, he gave us a copy of the annotated lyrics of Don McLean's American Pie. He also told us of the online chat room communities, where one could talk about any subject they wanted with people all over the world, and of course email.

I did not realize the full potential of this new tool, until I sat behind a female friend months later in the computer lab. I was using the PC to finish an essay, while she waited for me by writing an email. I was done and looked up to ask her how much longer she needed, when I noticed a weird string format on her screen scrolling down as she typed. This was the chat room I had heard about. Cool, I thought, but so what.

Well, the next thing I notice is my friend is visibly getting flushed on the back of her neck and her breathing has changed to a slow rhythm. She is furiously typing now. As a hot blooded college male, I acted instinctually. I shut up and discreetly started reading the scrolling text.

I do not remember all of what was written, but I do remember that she was in a private room with a guy and another girl. The girls were in the process of taking the guy’s jeans off. She then commented on his size and how she wanted to feel him inside her. It went on like this through the various stages of foreplay, guy on girl on girl, anal play, etc. I had not seen her in that way before and did not realize she was that kinky. Truth be told, I did not realize one could do some of the things she wrote about.

Just as they were commenting on how close they all were to climax. She hesitated and looked behind her. My eyes moved quickly to my screen. I looked up and said with a sigh of relief, “I think I am finally done”.

She looked visibly flushed, but did not appear to suspect anything. Slightly out of breath, she told me she was done for now, and could always finish her email to her friend later. So we logged off and left.


And this, OP, is my story of how I came to realize the potential of the Internet. I was hooked since then.

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