People who wished death upon someone who then died shortly after, what was the reason?

Maybe not the same thing but my uncle. He was confined to a wheel chair for 20 years after a work related accident. He led a pretty good life, kept busy with various hobbies, always funny, and we became pretty close since I’d go over to just see him or to help him out. About year 20 of being in a wheel chair, it really started to get to him, he started talking about offing himself to me (I let the appropriate people know) became angry, and truly just didn’t want to hack it through life anymore after really going from a physically fit and active person to hardly being able to do simple tasks. Just worn down to the nub. I guess I didn’t want him to die per-say, but just to no longer suffer, though I knew there was only way that could come about. Well, he’s rushed to the hospital one night for some complications, the doctors check him out and he’s got advanced brain cancer. (Which probably led to his mood swings and to his suicidal thoughts) he chose not to fight it, giving himself at best half a year, he lasted about three months. I just hope he’s at peace now, I miss him terribly as it was recent but I did at one point think just let him get out of this, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone nor himself about being able handle the rough stuff life throws at you.

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