People who work in hotels, what are some the scariest, unexplainable, and/or creepiest things that you have experienced while working?

Story the first: a local "on a break" from his wife took a shine to me during his stay. He'd hang out in the lobby all hours of the night, obviously, if sedately drunk, and try to flirt with me. I was new to hotel work/night audit and unsure of how brusque I was allowed to get with guests, so I mostly just smiled blandly and tried to pretend like I was working. On his last night with us he was hanging out at the desk like usual, trying to chat me up. He started in on how pretty I am and how much he likes my hair. I was trying to be polite but not encouraging as I finished up the night audit report. I was leaning over a little to grab something, thereby moving a little closer to the edge of the counter, when I heard "I want to touch it." Then before I know it , drunk guy had reached across the counter and grabbed my hair -- like in a fist -- and pulled it. I shrieked so loudly that a couple people in nearby rooms ran out to see what was happening. Drunk guy didn't understand why I was upset but ended up stumbling back to his room after I rather shakily threaten to call the cops. He was on the DNR list the next day.

story the second: a local couple (see a theme?) got into a drunken fist fight with each other. The man came downstairs to ask me if I would talk to his girlfriend and try to calm her down. As I'm trying to think of a way to politely say "hell no" the woman came running down the stairs, shouting, not at her BF, but me. She thought I was after her man and proceeded to call me every sexually charged slur in the book. At this point I was more than done so I told them to pack their bags 'cause I'm calling the cops. This is when she tells me that she has a gun. I rolled my chair back quick and started yanking the security gate down as she screamed at me. As she pounded on the gate, I had to call the police back to let them know she might be armed. The cops showed up a couple of minutes later and hauled them both off. When I go up to their room to check the damages, I find it trashed, of course, with about 8 empty bottles of cheap tequila spread around. I was paranoid for weeks about getting shot in the parking lot or something. DNR list.

story the third: by this point I had worked at the hotel for about 8 months and was pretty jaded. I keep the doors locked at night and deal with walk-ins through the security window. Around about 2 a.m. a guy came up. He asked for the rates and I give him a quote. It's too high for him so he asked if I can do better. Now, I was already taking $10 off the rack rate since it was so late and I wasn't willing to go lower. I explained that I had already given him the discounted price and would unfortunately not be able to go lower. His response: completely normal, mild tone "Ya know, you'd be a lot less uppity with your Jew nose cut off." He then turned around and walked off as I gaped in utter astonishment.

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