People with depression, how you deal with it?

The amount Ive been through I really don't deal with it. I just go to work and try to avoid thinking about it, I genuinely believe I could write a book about my struggles

Age 12: my sister tried to kill herself one room away from me and I went to go stay at my uncle's for the night where he screamed at me to "shut my fucking mouth" because I was crying very quietly, like my brothers a light sleeper he was next to me and didn't wake up. And then when I got home I went to my best friend's house let's call him Derek where I cried on his couch because my sister had to go stay at a mental hospital

Age 13-ish: my other uncle high on crack whipped me in the back multiple times with a stick, leaving welts because I jokingly slapped him because his wife told me to

Age 15: my other best friend gets arrested and tells the police I did it. They call my mom and explain the situation where she makes me go to the station, they take my phone and explain to me that if they find anything I'm looking at 20 years in prison. He got 20 years instead

Age 15: this 18 year old doesn't like me, decides to lift me up and bash my head full force into the concrete causing permanent brain damage and almost killing me, I get knocked unconscious and he takes off because he thought I was dead. He was pissed when I survived, my doctor said I'm lucky to have survived. Best friend Derek befriends the attacker, never messages me again

Age 17: a girl at my work shows interest in me, tells everybody there that she likes me, so I ask her out and she says yes. Then tells me 3 days later that she still has PTSD from her ex and doesn't want a relationship but likes me and wants to stay friends and see how things go, then tells me after like a month that she didn't want a relationship with me and just said yes because she felt bad. SHE WENT AND TOLD ALL OF OUR COWORKERS THAT SHE LIKED ME WTF. Then she tells me that she does want a relationship but she wants to keep fucking her ex, I say no and she threatens to spread a rumor about my parents (my dad's a higher up in the company) to everyone at our work so I basically say fuck you and quit talking to her, then she has her psycho ex come to our work to start a problem. Things escalate he reaches for a knife and so do I then she tells him not to stab me and they take off. Then in the same week I crash my truck, find out my grandma has cancer, and the guy who originally tried to kill me sees me at the store. Takes off after me trying to finish what he started so I pull out my trusty knife and tell my brother in law loud enough that if the guy gets any closer he's dead, he realized I was serious so he went back into the store and my brother in law looked at me like he saw a ghost

Age 18: moving to Florida in 2 months, praying shit changes

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