People with disabilities: what’s one thing you wish everybody knew not to say? [serious]

Hooboy. This is a fun one. I have a plethora of disabilities I was officially diagnosed with, most of which I won't acknowledge here. But, for the ones that I am comfortable sharing, man have I got some complaints to file. •"That's Autistic". Let's start with the obvious. DON'T refer to every single thing you believe is unintelligent as "autistic". Imagine your name being used as the unofficial definition for ugly. That's how it feels. And that's not even what autism means. Read a book. •I don't like talking about my past, because I have severe PTSD. Therefore, please kindly do NOT interrogate me about my past. I said I don't want to talk about it, that should be enough. • calls my psychiatrist Hello? Yes. Apparently, I'm too young to have PTSD. Can you change it please? Why not?! •"I bet he's gonna shoot up the school". First of all, what?! Why would you bet on the school being shot up at all?! Second, I have communication issues, not an itchy trigger finger. Really, though, rumors like that in high school are the absolute worst. They drove me to home school.

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