People with scars, how did you get them?

When I was a kid I, like most kids, liked climbing & swinging from random things.

We had one of those portable basketball hoops that you fill up with water. It had a big nasty lug bolt sticking out the side about halfway up, where the plastic adjustment knobby thing was supposed to be.

One time when I was climbing, dancing and swirling around on the pole like the fabulous child I was, the bolt somehow entered into the soft fleshy part on the inside of my arm by my elbow, and tore through about 4 inches of flesh on its way out. I didn’t even feel it happening, didn’t really even notice until my friends all kinda lost color in their faces. I looked down and noticed what looked like scrambled eggs dripping out of my arm (I was pretty chubby at the time). Didn’t eat for like a week after that.

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