People with synesthesia who are also bilingual: if words have colours (or taste, or smell), does it have the same color in both languages?

I have audio gustatory synesthesia (taste/feel textures of words in my mouth upon hearing them), and while I’m not truly bilingual in that I wasn’t raised speaking more than one language, I’ve found that most words taste different in different languages. As another commenter mentioned, whole languages tend to have a sort of ...flavor profile? With individual words fitting within that. Latin has earthier/meatier flavors while English is sweeter, Spanish has a lot of crisp/green/fruity flavors, German is sweet like English but with like, bready words too. Some things are the same across languages... the only word I can think of off the top of my head is “floor”/“piso” which is exactly like a peppermint Tums in both English and Spanish. Interestingly, “area” (Latin for floor) doesn’t taste like the English word “area” or “floor.”

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