Peoples thoughts on the use of drones in Melbourne near popular areas and landmarks? Do you find the small new generation of lightweight drones to be intrusive or do you invite people’s creativity and curiosity to create footage, films and content?

I dislike drones. I dislike the concept, I dislike the lack of privacy law around them, I dislike how the people who are into them are REALLY into them and don't shut up about it (put money on there being a strong Venn overlap with people who proselytize about BITCOIN BEING THE FUTURE, SHEEPLE.)

I don't value gadgetry for the sake of gadgetry, I don't understand the blanket fascination with tech for its own sake.

And I don't gaf about people's "curiosity to create footage, films and content". To be clear, I love art, I love film, I love a lot of photography. What I don't love is the current trend of people using tech as a justification for filming random people and intruding on their privacy (yes, I know a lot of it is legal. I don't care.)

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