Percent Coupons On Top of Advertised Discounts?

Ask the manager he can override and add the discount. if your nice and it's an item that has been sitting around for along time he may do it. a lot of the cashiers don't understand the coupons. they tell you "you can only use one 20% a day" with out understanding the reason the codes between website,email,paper are different. the reason the codes are different is because they are completely different. when it says 1 per customer per day it is referencing that coupon code only. it costs money to generate codes, enter it into the system, debug the online system, match the store system to the online one, etc they wouldn't make them if they were not different coupons to be used as such. if they didn't want you to use 2 different coupons they would not make 2 different ones. the weekday staff are usually better trained. also the system auto logs coupon codes and more then likely will reject any identical codes entered. good luck

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