Percentage of population who say sex without consent can be okay in some situations (xpost r/feminism)

My interpretation is as follows:

  • There will be no racism discussed here on this board. For example, non-Muslim countries like Hungary and Ireland differ just as Muslim countries do like France and Sweden.

  • The big version of each country usually rapes less than the smaller copy version: Portugal > Spain, Austria > Germany, Belgium > France, Belgium > Netherlands, Cyprus > Greece, Malta > Italy, Estonia > Finland, Latvia > Lithuania, although exceptions include Slovakia < Czechia and Ireland < UK. Other cases do not include the data for the smaller version like Moldova for Romania or Northern Macedonia for Bulgaria, or the bigger version such as Serbia for Croatia or Russia for Poland/Belarus/Ukraine, so we cannot compare them.

  • Despite being of the same stock, Hungarians became more like Eastern Europeans and Fins more like Scandinavians.

  • France > Italy > Spain, this order is different from what one might assume, but it shows that we should not judge Iberoamerican/Latino countries like Spain and Italy. Also, it's no wonder the English don't like the French.

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