Percy Jackson: Rick Riordan Defends Casting - “Leah is Annabeth. The negative comments she has received online are out of line. They need to stop. Now.”

They’re Arab. Tell an Egyptian that they’re Black and watch how fast they curse you out lol. I don’t mean any harm by this, but being black in the melting pot that is America shows you how how people feel about being considered “Black.”

The Dominican meme “I no Black, I Dominican” comes to mind, because when they get mistaken for being Black (some are darker in complexion). They will let you know in a heart beat that they aren’t. Even though they have African blood in them as well, they just got off the ship sooner lol, but I digress. Yes, I’m aware of Tiano culture, but you’d be an idiot to think Africans weren’t involved in the current genetic make up of Dominicans.

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