“I want a perfect condition luxury car for less than 3k”

I made the mistake of buying a ROUGH mid-2000’s BMW 3 series when I was in college for 1500. Thought it was the best deal ever - I couldn’t BELIEVE I was getting a BMW for that kind of money.

What an absolute disaster. My friends had to come bail me out of a breakdown situation once a week at least. Tires cracking and blowing out? Check. Alternator dying and only realizing my battery and alternator were dead at busy gas stations in front of the pumps? Check. Every warning light possible? Check. Catastrophic fluid leaks daily? Check (literally banned from parking in my buddies driveway because of the stains that followed). Suspension bits breaking? Check. List goes on and on.

Not to mention every time it rained water would pool in my back seat footwell.

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