Be perfectly honest with me

whoever is watching this just please read everything that I'm going to tell you and you will not regret reading this later even if you don't do it.

if you truly don't wish the same thing happening to you or someone else again then please follow my plans since this is a serious situation.

Download a voice recorder practice on how you will use it so you can know how every sound is being recorded. Or simply don't practice if you simply understand how it works.

Now before you go to the rapist turn on the voice recorder, go up to him tell him why he did what he did and ask him whether he truly has done this crime or not (do it even if you know the the true answer so every thing can get recorded and heard perfectly by the voice recorder) so that the criminal he will get punished even harder, and has less chance getting away from what he did.

Ask him as many questions as possible to get more evidence and if you don't want to risk not talking to him again then ask him those kind of questions each meeting at a time (unless for whatever reason you can't or won't talk to him then otherwise do all of the question asking all in one go without missing the tiniest detail, and remember to keep your cool when you talk to the rapist so you can't fail (and yes i know im asking for alot by saying do your best despite everything you had to go through but you have to understand that this is the only way you can restore some of your lost sanity because of what happened to you in the past and so no more people can become victimized just how he did victimize other peaple. incase if more than one person is victimized. him so when the rapist gets arrested you have a less chance to fail and get the rapist gets a bigger punishment by the judge.

And I have some small tips I want to give you before you do all of this:

  1. Whatever you do, do not say to rapist that you recorded the rapist or else the rapist will smash your phone to erase all evidence behind the crime the rapist made to get away with all of rapist wrongdoings.

  2. If you are 100% sure he was working this shady work with other peaple just go to them or make them come to you you in a empty and quiet place but not to far away from others just incase they where trying to do something shady to you or to someone else.

  3. Buy a pepper spray for self defense incase if something feels off (not even looks off but feels off so you won't risk losing your sanity and hope more than you already did in case if you feel paranoid) , the pepper spray is easy to get and very cheap to get.

  4. And if you or your loved once to get the same cruel fate you or they faced don't want to get violated then use my advice.

  5. If he covers your mouth with his hand then bite it as hard as you can and do not let go no matter what unless if you know his hand is completely shredded

  6. If you are being held at by a gunpoint make sure you scream for help as loudly as possible because no sane person would ever risk making more scenes or crimes by killing you and even if you are sure the criminals will kill you without a doubt then keep struggling because you are either going to live a long and painful life or a short but pretty one. There is no such thing in between anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or idiotic. And personally believing the idiots are much worst than liars because atleast the liar can take back what sayed and convert to a better person while the idiot doesn't believe that unless if he isn't as idiotic as you thought the person was

  7. and if you ever faced a male rapist then please physically hurt his or (Her in case if she is transgender) balls by punching or kicking the rapist because that's the only weapon a rapist has if he attempted to hurt you or your loved once. Because by doing this 2 possibilities can come out if you do this smoothly:

A. Worst case scenario the rapist is still going to chase you but the chase will be half assed for the rapist since you hurt his balls And even if he caught you and raped you his rape will NOT feel as great as raping you in his best condition.

B. Best case scenario hes going to freeze in his place And you can either fight him even more so you can grant a higher chance in winning this fight then run or walk away peacefully and slowly (I personally like it more if you can walk away more) so you won't risk getting more injured than you already were if you are sure you dealt a lot of damage to the rapist but (only if it's a not lot of damage) You are not that damaged otherwise run away without asking any questions and make sure to run away steadily because half of escape is all about steadiness the other half has to do with speed for the perfect escape

May God ease your pain and live a happy and fulfilling life and have a nice day because I whole heartedly hope so ❤️

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