Performance improvement plan at big 4

I was on a PIP,I received mine right before I was supposed to be promoted to senior.

I kind of saw it coming though,my main manager put 2 of her other staff on a PIP the previous year as well. I sent out my CV the day the same day HR informed me of the decision. I considered staying as well but I had worked really hard and was being treated like **** and I would never stand for this in my personal life so I didnt see why my work life would be different. I got hired as an internal audit senior in industry and was at that job for about a year and 10 months.

I am rejoining a boutique firm as a senior soon,maybe ironically. It was not really my intention to rejoin public but the job market now is/was not the best.

You can make it out but it is hard. One of my seniors was also put on a PIP as an experienced associate. He didn't leave but he was bounced around from team to team until one manager saw some potential in him and helped him to get out of it. He got promoted afterwards and then he left and is a finance manager in industry now.

I think your experience may be a bit harder as you only have 8 months of experience. But even if you have to end up leaving,I understand it sucks but your life will still go on and this will be nothing more than a bad memory in the future.. I wish you all the best whatever the outcome.

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