Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife

I don't know about it making you stupid, it definitely makes me forgetful but at the same time I'm also way more attentive. It's usually just things in my periphery that I forget, like if I put a pizza in the oven I'm definitely going to forget that, however doing things like writing or math are actually a lot easier for me, especially writing.

It helps to contextualize things. Sometimes you're so close to the picture you can't really see the rest of the image. You don't really realize it, but for a good chunk of your life your pretty much on autopilot. If you've ever driven somewhere and completely forgotten the drive it's because your brain edits out redundant information as a way to find some signal in all the noise. For me, it was getting angry over stupid things. Usually, there was some sort of precursor in the day that had pretty much already primed me for anger. So, whenever something did occur, regardless of how small, I would get so upset that I'd lose perspective on how much energy how was exerting on all these pointless and futile battles.

This is going to sound like such a stoner thought, but one of my favorite things to do while high is just looking at foliage. Literally every time, I'm surprised by just how many fucking leaves are on trees and it sounds so mundane and dumb. You just pick up on all these amazing tiny little details you tend to overlook in your daily life. Sometimes they're kind of pointless and you chuckle to yourself and move on, but other times, you get these really deep and insightful perspectives that stay with you even after the drug wears off, especially with things like introspection.

I was going to say it actually made me smarter, but I don't even really know what that means. How do you quantify something so dynamic? On one hand, my pizza is burnt to shit but on the other I just had an incredible life altering epiphany. Where's the line there? Is that wisdom, chemically induced wisdom? How does that differ between "intelligence", whatever that is?

bonus: here is an awesome lecture I saw awhile ago on the topic. I REALLY recommend it.

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