To the person from my job that has been catfishing me for months and months.

I'm not sure if she told me the truth all the time.

What I do know is, we talked just about everything.

I don't know what her intentions were. I know that she was determined to always talk to me. She would always find me. Honestly, I'm probably here on Reddit because she lured me here. She is probably reading this right now.

I don't know if she told her coworkers or anyone at all. If she did, I'm pretty sure she didn't mention every single detail or all the time invested in this. I think I said months, but it was probably over a year, almost 2.

With that in mind, I often gave her half truths and sometimes straight up lies. I threw her curve balls and tested her only because I questioned her intentions. She was very hot and cold.

I really entertained it out of trying to figure out her intentions and for her to admit who she was.

I played along to see how long she can keep up the charade. Apparently she never got tired of it.

Maybe she was trying to troll me or maybe just enjoyed my company online.

I don't know for sure if she was trolling, but would a troll try to troll you for that long, every day, at crazy hours of the night, almost 2 yrs?

I must've been on her mind every single day for a such a long time.

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