This person researched vaccine ingredients to come up with homemade "flu shots"

Oh know, not chemicals. water is a chemical...

First off, it’s ‘oh no’. And you’re right, I’m uneducated about chemistry and I’m predicting. All I know is that our bodies don’t naturally have some substances, and somethings just aren’t healthy for us. They say it’s safe, but everyone is different. Maybe that one chemical won’t work well with me.

no it never was...

Which is why pregnant women smoked.

no one is guessing...

I meant they guess which strains of flu to vaccinate against. If you get vaccinated against Flu-1234, it won’t help against Flu-46372.

your opinion is an uninformed opinion

No. I’ve done my research (as best I can with how easy it is to lie on the internet lol), and I drew a conclusion different from yours.

There it is...

I guess. Not sure exactly what you were trying to say.

no, it’s everyone body...

Which is why I vaccinate against deadly and serious diseases (also I don’t want to die). But yeah, you’re right. I’ll just do everything everyone wants me to and never consider my own body. Not reality. Also, for the general population, I’m not hurting them.

And honestly, I’m going to estimate that around 1/2 to 1/4 of people in my area don’t get the flu shot. It’s not considered a necessity where I am, people are pretty neutral. With these ‘stats’, we don’t hear about babies dying that often.

the immune system does not work that way...

I notice you did not prove otherwise. Not saying I’m right, but when arguing you should probably say something other than it’s wrong. Nonetheless, having the proper nutrients helps prevent getting sick.

yes you are

If I was I wouldn’t have gotten every other vaccine there is.

Either way, fuck off. At least fix your grammar before outright attacking someone because they disagree without hurting other people. Also, when you come back with actual evidence than outright saying everything I said was wrong so you can at least back it up.

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