This person sent me a DM after I mentioned I was having an abortion. Lovely

While you force everyone around you to wear a mask, take unwanted unneeded vaccines, pay for reparations that had nothing to do with them, raise their taxes to pay for social programs that benefit only you .. the list goes on and on.. I think you're confused about what freedom means .. also I never said she can't get an abortion .. I said abortion is a terrible thing that should not be advertised as a form of birth control and people that think it's a good 5hing are monsters... that's all I said. do what ever the fuck you want to do behind closed doors it's not my life but stop spreading your bullshit around the world .. making bad choices is not something we need to be promoting and displaying to our younger generations like it's something cool to do.. your pro-choice movement is making abortion a trendy thing that everyone wants to do now haha like it's some kind of right of passage in this modern society .. hey guys I fucking made bad choices but I'm going to fis all my problems with two pills so it's all good. There needs to be accountability measures when it comes to abortions just like there are now when it comes to raising children .. we can't continue to allow am entire subgroup of people display their bad choices on a stage that we glorify around the world.

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