Persona 5 Gets A Small Change To Avoid Further Controversy In South Korea

It's almost impressive how they managed to move backwards from previous games

They didn't, and actually improved in some regards, while still maintaining the old tropes.

homophobia present in the game, which isn't (in many cases) even hidden behind the fig leaf of "oh it's a villain doing it so we're not endorsing it"

I'm really agitated that you have twice now misrepresented this scene.

Yes, it's homophobic, but not on the part of the character like Yosuke was in P4.

It's literally two gay men dragging a teen boy off into the night.

That is gay people as predators, a harmful trope and not gay panic, a different harmful trope.

structural and casual sexism, misogyny

Since you didn't get far at all in the game, you missed out on all the times when sexism and misogyny is blatantly called out, and are telling people to boycott a game based on it.

And, as I told you in my other comment to preempt any claims I'm a misogynistic dudebro homophobe or whatever, I fully recognize the issues the game has, and have discussed it at length, including keeping notes on the issues for my inevitable review of the game.

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