Have you personally witnessed a UAP/UTP defy known physics or do you rely on the lens of others to believe in non-human machines?

Giant glowing disc shaped object that zipped over my house on Halloween night about 10 years ago. Didn't last more than a second. Was with a friend when it happened but he didn't see it. Never told anyone else about it until recently. I was spooked. Didn't believe in UFOs and thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Only got caught up about UFOs when that NYT story dropped in 2017. Then I had an "oh shit" moment.

I've been watching the sky since I was a kid, looking at satellites and meter showers. I had never seen anything like this though. I remember less of the actual sighting and more of the feeling I got when I saw it. Like I had seen something I wasn't supposed to.

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