You might have been the most beautiful woman in the world to them. What's sad is you believe they manipulated you when all they may have done is love you. To want to spend time with someone isn't manipulation. To do things for them & their family isn't, fixing things, spending & lending money on them because money didn't matter for seeing her happy made it all worth while. Going beyond what a partner should put up in which he was treated so poorly a & selfishly! Ghosted, gas lighted by a sociopath with BPD depression and more. Was a one way street & she lied about many events. Put her friends first, still owes him money only because she promised to pay it back not that she will for she is like that. Now shall I continue about the lies? See I forgave this woman who I love because she said not to run in fear where really it was real fear for my subconscious was warming about her and who she really is. Jumping from one man to the next by account from her own mum. That was a hidden red flag right there. Not to mention she thought she was independent when really she is totally codependent for she lives at her parents has a job that's not full time so earns little which I didn't mind. Reverse the roles & no woman would put up with that BS. So she never had any money. Bleed me dry. Otherwise we didn't go anywhere. Alway blaming others when it's her own doing. And yet you say why does he love her still. Because he's seen the real her that gets hidden away because of her past traumas. And I don't give up on the people I love. To have it thrown in my face and threatened which BTW id fight for ill not have my name run through the mud. Talk about that for she hit me in front of a witness too. I still can't believe it for you should like her. If it is where is my money that is owed? Oh that's right you don't keep your promises do you liar pants on fire! So lucky your out of my life for you destroy everything you touch.

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