Perspective about Jill and Derrick from a former fundie-lite member

good post I agree.

I deconverted when young, and it was HARD, left family church, fundies got their hands on me later from trauma and illness, I've had to dig myself out twice, first from uber Catholics and second from fundies, and this is a process that takes years. I left gay people alone in peace while Christian but I remember the trash they taught me about gay people in the IFB and I am horrified looking back. I cringe at things I said and believed. I think Derrick one day will be apologizing to Jazz, maybe he even regrets those things now. I even had to renounce conspiracy stuff and other embarrassing crap....I never was Republican but they sheep dipped me in a few areas.

It can take years to deconstruct and deconvert. I stopped going to Christian churches a few years before I even left the religion. Some do leave Christianity, like me. [I went back to the UU] and others deconstruct to a more liberal or progressive Christianity. I am happy Jill is breaking out, she is taking baby steps.

Everyone who has had an extreme religious or other oppressive upbringing there is true mourning in realizing what you missed or if later like me as an adult, a cult or extreme religious group sucks you up. Religion causes trauma too, and many have to unwork the programming done on the brain where you are told over and over you will go to hell, etc etc. One reason I no longer have a family anymore is I left their church at age 17. I lost probably dozens of friends from the deconversion of a few years ago. It changed everything. This is a complicated process.

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