PETA hates blind people

PETAa's website is biased towards PETA (duh), I can't even read the second link without a subscription and the third article basically states that PETA euthanizing perfectly healthy puppies should be excused because they also do good things, which no, it should not. I'd encourage you to step outside of the echo chamber for once.

Also, PETA may have fired the employee who stole the puppies but fact is that this organization fosters an anti-pet ownership sentiment that encouraged the employee to break the rules, since they again and again said that animals shouldn't be pets. Many people who support PETA even think that it's better for the animals to be euthanized than to be a pet in a loving home. They don't euthanize them because they have to, most of the dogs they euthanize are perfectly adoptable, they euthanize them because they seriously believe that that's better than being kept as a pet. With beliefs like those it's no wonder their employees feel like they have the right to steal and kill others' pets. And the ones who suffer aren't the humans keeping the animals, it's the animals themselves who have to die despite being perfectly healthy and normal. You think that's fair towards the animal? I fucking don't.

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